Why Scrum Sucks

Posted on Mon, Dec 03, 18
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Since I started working in 2011, agile software development has gone from early to late majority adoption. Being at the peak of the adoption curve, it effectively became mainstream, with the different frameworks sparked from the agile principles in the frontlines and Scrum leading the charge.

With Scrum being the most visible agile framework, it is often taken as a de facto standard. For better or worse, a lot of organizations currently undergoing their digital transformation take Scrum has a synonym for agile.

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Let's Get Physical

Posted on Mon, Oct 29, 18

When I joined my current position, as a freshly appointed scrum master for a young startup, one of the first things I did was setup a Jira account and start listing stories, categorizing them into epics, tracking bugs and setting up forecasts for upcoming sprint using the tools I was familiar with.

I was very proud of my Jira backlog. It was well-ordered, clean and prioritized. Not too long, well kept with epics, custom user flows and sprint forecasts. And it was completely useless.

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The Best Productivity App

Posted on Sun, Oct 14, 18

With today's digital tools, we are submerged with information. We have emails, chat, push notifications, feeds, live streams, reminders...

I find myself unable to keep up at times, and it can be very distracting. On top of that, I learned that no amount of reminders or notifications can prevent me from forgetting appointments or other important tasks. If there is too much information to process, I just stop trying and ignore it altogether. This is how I found the best productivity app out there...

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How To Not Update Your Resume

Posted on Sun, Sep 23, 18

A few months ago, i set on the task to update my resume, and it took longer than expected. At the time, my resume had been left untouched for a couple of years, the last time I updated it dating back to when I took my current job.

As with everything left untouched, I was not happy with the state of my resume. The introduction felt forced, the information was not clearly available, the layout felt strange. In one word, it aged. So I rolled up my sleeves, took my keyboard and opened the resume.tex file...

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